Embarrassment: the exposure you should want!

Should I say something? Yes, I Should! Embarrassment Is the opportunity to expose the real you; the one you have been keeping in hiding. You know that part that tells you – You could write a book, or the part that says you’re meant to have a lot of money, or you’re a scientist? These are just a few examples of an inner truth. We all have it, but we have a million and one excuses why we “CAN’T” be it in this life time. What if I were to tell you that you are your inner truth, but you are afraid to expose it.

Does this spike your interest? Have you ever heard of the Looking-Glass theory by Charles Horton Cooley. He hypothesized that we create our self-identity by attempting to figure out other’s perceptions and adapting to those perceptions to create it. So what if who you are, is what you thought others thought you were. Yikes!!!!! You may be living in an illusion of other people’s beliefs about you, or your own misjudgments of what others believe about you. Is it possible that you have been putting forward the un-authentic self and preserving the authentic self to come out when it is safe to do so?

The egos job is to help keep you safe from perceived danger. Are other people’s thoughts and opinions of you dangerous? If the answer is yes, I bet you avoid being embarrassed like the plague. On the other hand, if you don’t have much concern for that data, then it’s likely you are on your authentic path. That is unless you are a narcissist, trying to prove to the world you are RIGHT! Someone who is on their authentic path is humble, open minded as well as open hearted, and eager to share what is inside them. No conditions, no resistance, just a willingness to express all of themselves with the world, because it feels in complete alignment with their purpose. A gift to them.

When we are out of alignment it feels as if one part of our self is hiding behind another part of our self. For example: I want to write a book, but I’m too dumb to do it. The authentic part knows I’m an author, the fear-based aspect says it’s not safe. Can you see that by giving yourself permission to be exposed, you are giving permission to your real self to emerge?

Be patient with yourself, dedicate time and focus on completing what’s inside you. Embarrass the heck out of yourself and bring forward the real you, before it’s too late and the world buys into the idea that their miss judgments of you or your own misperceptions were accurate.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing the real you!