How do you deal with failure? Are you someone who quits when it gets hard? Are you someone who just keeps getting up and running toward the same door over and over again? So many of us do anything we can so we won’t feel the feelings of failure. Sometimes we need to just pause and look at why we are trying to stay so strong. I even catch myself trying to avoid moments where I feel less than my best.

As my career is changing and I move from therapy to writing and public speaking, I find that I am moving from a position of mastery to a position of novice. At times I notice feelings rise such as shaky, cautious, and worried. I’m learning to embrace these new found steps as opportunities to be my personal best. I’ve embraced my vulnerability as fertile ground for growth. If I make a mistake I ask how I can be better. I work on saying kind and supporting thoughts to myself and always remember that hard work produces great rewards.

In my office I have a sign that says “The journey is not the end of the road unless you refuse to take the turn.” I encourage you to know that failure is a beautiful part of growth, and if you embrace it as an opportunity to be better you will soon be a master.