Taking control of the ego

You know that feeling when you are driving down the road and someone pulls out in front of you and it scares the bajeepers out of you. You scream and yell profanities, honk your horn and start thinking terrible thoughts about how you want to destroy them and anything affiliated to them. That’s your ego! Isn’t that fantastic, that is how it protects you from immanent pain. I’m so grateful for this mechanism, but sometimes mine and yours go into auto pilot, that is without permission.

If we are to heal we need to understand when this process is serving us and when it isn’t. If you find that it is too often (In psychology we call this hyper vigilance) then we have to find a way to learn to take control of the “on” switch so we have opportunities to heal, as well as opportunities to stay safe.

So when you feel the rush of emotions come on in a challenging situation, rather than let go of control, follow these few steps:

  1. Notice that the switch has been triggered
  2. Take full responsibility for the feelings that are rising to the surface
  3. Keep yourself safe so that you can heal
  4. Send love to the feelings
  5. Release the need to understand
  6. Allow those feelings to pass
  7. Self reflect
  8. Move forward lighter and clear of what doesn’t serve you.

If you are willing to do the work to take control of this aspect of you the payoff will be great. You will regain your life back, no longer loosing yourself to fear or others who want to do harm to you. I hope you see the value of these powerful steps in your life. This is the relief you have been longing for.

Best wishes…