Getting to your elusive goals

There are some things in life that seem to elude us. It seems no matter how hard you look or work to get to the bottom of the problem, you can’t get the answers you are desperate to find. I remember one time when we were struggling with challenges in our business, my heart was deeply aching and my mind was desperately searching. I would look around in town and see other businesses that were successful and I couldn’t understand how they could be doing so well with how expensive it is to run a business. The taxes, the payroll and overhead felt like it was sucking the life out of me and all I could do was sink into the quick sand. I desperately looked at every detail of our business. I read books, talked to experts and asked a million questions. Still, I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. It almost seemed the harder I looked, the worse it got. In fact I finally had to get to the place where fate needed to make our choices for us as, I had run out of ideas and ways to move forward.

The interesting piece is that was the very moment everything started to shift. I finally got out of the way, but I had to try every other possibility before I would let go, which created incredible suffering for a very long time. This experience forced me to let go of control and allow the current of life to show us how to move forward. My need to figure it out became incredibly disabling and stopped me from seeing that I was always provided for, if I would just allow it to be shown to me.

Now the more we have seen success and have been able to finally understand what we were missing, we have been able to see the blessings in other businesses as well. Many of them found a niche or a new perspective, just as we had.

So to break this down into a simple solution, if you can’t see where to move forward in your life, let go of the need to know and allow the current to change. It will lead you right to what you are seeking.