Compromising your line

You know that “line” in life where you feel like if you cross it, you will move into the “negative zone” of life? That may show up for example, in your bank account, your emotional well being or making choices that hurt your relationships. Sometimes Spirit holds us to the line and tests our ability to be true to ourselves or another. I find in my own life that when that “line” comes up, I can have a tendency to resist it and to urgently try to change it so I don’t have to deal with it. I took some time to self reflect on why I was so eager to not take the appropriate steps in life and to keep recreating the same suffering over and over. I was getting really tired of living in the “negative zone”.

What I found was that we do this because choice can become incredibly daunting. Choice equates responsibility, and we find that the challenges that we are faced with, we aren’t sure we want to take on. Saving money isn’t always fun, telling someone how you feel can be scary, holding boundaries can be challenging and standing in your beliefs can elicit judgment. You can see why so many people compromise their line so that they don’t have to face such challenging emotions and outcomes.

I guess what I am asking you to consider is can you afford to compromise yourself and your line even one more day? Can you afford the emotional costs to your well being? Can you tolerate the bad feelings that are the effects of your choices?

I want you to know that compromising your line is not an option that you want to choose. Many of us have done this in the past and the results were devastating and can take incredible amounts of effort to turn around. I ask that you know who you are and to stand in your value. This is no one else’s job to do and if you get off your line, quickly re-adjust and get back on it! If you don’t, the consequence is yours to carry and it and won’t get any easier until you make the proper adjustments. Today, choose you and your value. I guarantee great things will await you!