The big day!

One of my precious boys got married today, and I had the honor of officiating the wedding. As we were standing there awaiting his bride to be, I watched my son Taylor, a sweet curious, bubbling human being filled with joy and anticipation. I saw a man who knew what he had found was gold, and in no way was going to act as if he wasn’t worth it or didn’t deserve that gold.

At that moment I knew I had done something right. My son saw a reflection of his own beauty and perfection in his wife to be, as she did in him. Throughout his childhood there was no doubt this boy had a light. I always wanted to make sure he knew how sacred he was and to one day take 100% responsibility for his own sacredness. I was honored to hold the light until he could find it within himself. Today, I saw a tangible expression of a boy who knew he was enough to receive perfection.

How many times in life do you turn away from your gold? Do you question if you are enough? Do you doubt that you deserve it? Or do you just outright sabotage it before you have to become vulnerable to receive it? We were not designed to be self conscious, self deprecating and self destructive. We were designed to grow, to go for what we want and to make no other option, but for success.

If you have ever looked up the definition of “sin,” it is to miss the mark. Now my spin on that is that you are missing the mark if you believe you are anything other than perfection. So what that means is that if you weren’t trying to earn your worth, you would just accept you’re worthy. Why would you chase something you already are? You are worthy; it’s done. The whole illusion of chasing your value is DONE! In fact, the more you chase your worth, the more you will miss the moment to feel you are worthy of all the blessings in the world!

I don’t know about you, but I was tired of chasing my value and falling short because the bar never stopped moving higher. So I choose to let go of ego and fall back into infinite love. How about you?

I look forward to bear witness to your moments of self acceptance. If you have some to share, I would love to hear about them!