How we justify making change

When we were in Cambodia we went to see where a horrific tragedy had taken place. There was a man named Pol Pot who is sometimes described as “the Hitler of Cambodia” and “a genocidal tyrant”. This man believed he was going to save his people by taking total control over everyone’s life so that nothing could destroy his “idea” of what was best for his country. The scariest part of all of this was that it occurred less than 40 years ago in 1975. In our lifetime, 2.5 million or more people were slaughtered, nearly 25% of Cambodia’s entire population.

Pol Pot killed anyone who threatened his ability to reign. It was said that he pulled people off the streets for simple things like people wearing glasses, because he did not want anyone to live who could be smarter than him, as they could over ride his power – (Interestingly, he flunked out of school). The only “Good Cambodian” was the one who would work in the fields mindlessly and not challenge his way of being. Even now, all over the world, similar tragedies are playing out.

Sometimes after I learn of these things that are beyond my comprehension, I find myself asking “God, why would you allow this?” I’m sure many of us have experienced moments like this where we question how “evil” can reign and how we can lose our perspective on the beauty of all things. When I can’t comprehend something, I often times “tune in” and ask the universe “Why would this happen?” This time what I heard rattled me to the core. I heard “This is what happens when I give you free will.”

We all have free will and are seeking to find our way. I think the terrifying part is how lost we can become when we follow our pain rather than following our higher knowing that we need to move toward love. Think about how Pol Pot’s insecurities of not being smart left him in fear of someone dominating him. This is what led him to dominate others.

I guess what this leads me to explore with you is: Are you taking your life to the destination you desire or are you leading yourself down the path the will allow you to hold in your pain? The one that holds the pain is the one that will lead you to an imbalance of power. The other perspective will lead you to a balanced life. So how do you choose to use your fee will? We all have this choice, and as Carl Jung stated in his work, If you do not use your shadow, your shadow will use you.

What’s your choice?