Running from our moments

Time is so often over looked. We run through our days focusing on getting more and more done. We hope that nothing trips us as we go, and we hope that if we do trip, we can conceal the damage as quickly as possible. I wonder why we are trying to stay ahead in life. Are we forever longing for the desirers that elude us? Are we hoping that one day we will “catch up” with what we have missed in life, or what we have not yet earned?

If people really knew how valuable they were they would know that in each and every moment has a precious gift awaiting them. Slowing down can literally bring up feelings of annoyance, frustration and an overall feeling of helplessness, as well as happiness or joy.

Many of these states are signs that you have an unresolved wound that has not yet been explored and expressed. Happiness and joy when suppressed can also create avoidance patterns. When you become willing to face these feelings you free yourself from the illusion of time and its illusive grip on your life. The gift then will be that a great calm will arise from the underbelly of the mother and you will once again unite with the feelings of support, and peace.

This opportunity is yours alone. No one can do this for you. You must decide you are now ready to embrace your worth and come back into your moments. I hope you do and I look forward to your sharing of new found gifts with the world.