I was laying in bed in Thailand and was exploring the deeper meaning of what discernment really meant. I could see how choice had so severely impacted these people; some positive and some negative. There are some choices imposed on them and others they have made for themselves, but the outcome of those choices were very clear. I have often spoke of how our life’s expression is a mirror of our internal world. I can see love here in such simple ways that much of our culture in the U.S. has missed, yet in other ways I see expressions of love missing in their world that we do so naturally. This travel has been such a blessing as it has lead me to see a greater understanding of love, as well as shown me where I want to direct my thoughts as I move forward in my life.

With discernment we are given free will and through this path we have made choices to honor our desires and urges within ourselves. This also may be taken back to the times of Adam and Eve where they were presented with the choice of truth or illusion. When they chose illusion over truth they began to suffer. They had feelings of self doubt, shame, remorse, guilt and a desire to escape just to name a few.

I ask that today you look at your path. Do you like what you see? Do you want change? Make sure that what you choose is not a short term fix to pre-occupy yourself from those difficult challenges at hand. Truth is worth finding your way back home to; it’s worth releasing challenging emotions for, and it’s worth knowing your higher self. In fact if you think about it, truth is usually embracing what is and releasing whatever doesn’t serve you. If you put faith with action together you will come back to its greatness. You must use the gift of discernment to sort through what is love and what is not. If you choose love you choose infinite possibilities. If you choose an illusion you will find yourself eventually at a dead end, suffering, trapped and lost.

Focus on the outcome you desire and have faith that your desires are meant to be manifested as long as they hold the seed of love within your intended dream. Love is truth – Fear is illusion. What do you choose?