Moving forward

The New Year brings us to the gate of change and to hope for new beginnings. No matter what the previous year held for you, you can take those life experiences and create the life that you desire. Consider for just a moment, what it would be like to manifest what you want, rather than let life happen to you and possibly be disappointed. My hope is to break this method down for you, into an easy, step by step process, so you become the tour guide of your own life!

Step 1

What many forget to do that will sabotage your new year, is to grieve and let go. You must integrate the lessons of the past and bring them into new understanding in the New Year. We all must allow the full range of emotions to pass, and to allow transformation to occur. Honor your experiences, feel them, and then transform your thoughts into wisdom.

Step 2

We must know the line of where control is and where it isn’t. You do not have total control over your world, but you do have more than you think. Do you know the serenity prayer? The part that says:

God grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference.

Serenity Prayer

This is one of the best descriptions of where healthy control begins and where it ends. The idea that we can do it all ourselves is crazy. In a way it’s a sad attempt at playing God. Other times we feel like we have no control and we become the victim of life’s circumstances. This too is giving all our power away and acting as if we have no control over our lives. Find your line and trust that you have a divine teammate that can’t wait to take the wheel when you are ready to pass it over.

Step 3

Start Trusting the journey as it is. If you could wake up every morning and say “Spirit show me the way”, rather than listen to the thoughts in your head that micro manage your day, life would become much easier. If you are someone who hasn’t allowed yourself to be guided by spirit, then we know you are headed to a place your wounded self has been before. Try it- listen to nothingness and see if the information that starts to come in is different than the voice that has been nagging at you.

Step 4

Believe in pure potential. We know that what you believe, you create. If you are someone who has focused on the negative things in life, it’s likely your year confirmed your beliefs. This year, focus on goals that feel exciting, and don’t give up until they become reality!

Step 5

Anticipate greatness! You were created for greatness, so start making space in your life for it and you will see barriers move out of the way and doorways open before your eyes.

Step 6

The final most important step is to let more love in! By doing so you allow every desire to grow and manifest right here and right now! Just like the sun shining on a seed, you too can grow into something beautiful.

Happy New Year Friends – I’ll be walking beside you, creating my desired life and feeling grateful for my community and all those of you who are ready to wake up to heaven on earth.