Making true change in the world

I’m sure many of you, like me, have felt helpless, finding tears falling down your face over where the world is at, and the terrible tragedies and suffering playing out in our recent days.

I want us to do what we can, as quickly as possible, to shift the world to love and move away from fear, hate, harmful thinking, and actions.

As a mental health therapist, one thing I know firsthand is that people won’t change if you are trying to change them. In fact, the more you try, the worse the person gets. If we want true change in our lives, we must change us, not focus on others.

So I suggest going inwardfeelingnoticing the hurt in you, and honoring it until it passes.

If you don’t, then the next major challenge that shows up in your life, that hurt will be triggered. And once triggered, it will be projected, and destructive to far more than you.

If we don’t heal, it backfires into a million fragments into our world.

Can we afford any more shootings, wars, relationships pulled apart, or souls being destroyed?

Please go inward. Heal with me. Love better and move into the only true power… Love for self and others.

Please, before the loss of our world is greater than our souls can bear.

Love you and praying for all souls to heal.

Blessings from my heart to yours,