Identifying triggers

The misconception of triggers is that it’s something that the external world does to you rather than an internal opportunity to honor you and let go of harmful toxins, like a geyser releasing from built up pressure.

Your brain cannot decipher past experiences from the present, thus the person or thing that triggered you brings up a past experience that is felt as a current charge.

A trigger is:

  • An opportunity to heal or let go of something that no longer serves you.
  • A release of trapped emotions.
  • An opportunity to reflect on how the past has affected you and how you can act in a more healthy way in the future.
  • A motivator
  • An opening of a doorway

A trigger is not:

  • A reason to do harm.
  • Something you need to hide or be embarrassed of.
  • An identification of you.
  • All of you.
  • A loss of control.

A trigger could be:

  • A warning
  • A reminder that something in your past needs to be resolved.
  • That you’re at the gate where you have unfinished business.
  • That you are missing information. More data needs to be gathered.
  • Guidance that you need to do something.