Grounding to release emotions

Grounding is an important and necessary action that needs to be done regularly to release emotion that otherwise gets stored in the body. Much like an electrical current running through a live wire, if you do not ground you can be full of trapped energy, without a way of letting go. We want to allow energy and emotions to flow through us.

How to ground yourself

Here is a commonly used method for grounding:

  1. Wherever you are, whether sitting or standing, plant your feet firmly to the ground.
  2. Imagine roots growing from your feet and reaching deep into the earth, like a stable tree.
  3. Now picture all of your stored energy, pent up emotions, and anything else that does not serve you being released through your feet, down the roots and safely into the ground where Mother Earth lovingly neutralizes them.
  4. Take a deep breath in, feel the calmness in your center that you created by releasing energy, and slowly breathe out.

Repeat whenever you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or in need of nurturing throughout your day.