New year, new page

The New Year brings such promise and hope. You may find yourself reflecting on days gone by, wishing for a different outcome or life lessons, or a desire to just forget the whole darn thing. Good or bad, the world is moving forward; you can either join the change or resist every step of the way.

Through my many years of being a mental health therapist, I’ve learned that change can be one of the hardest lessons of life. Yet when we do it well, it’s an opportunity to grow and build on the collective evolution of our journey.

This year, I’d love to invite you to take an opportunity to dive deep within yourself, to explore and sort through your experiences and to see what you would like to carry forward. To make a clear educated determination of what is no longer useful to you. To emotionally set yourself free of shame and guilt, and to finalize your unfinished business.

This work sets you forward into the new year, lightening your load, signaling that you are finally ready for something wonderfully mind-blowing. You might be surprised at the prospects that open up to you when you are no longer carrying baggage from the past.

From our soul’s perspective, this year is yet another page in our manuscript of life. Don’t forget that you are the author. You can bring in more love, hope, friendship, and so much more. By slowing down, being more present and not allowing your pre-programming to define your future, you become more in alignment with the truth of who you are. You can release the need for the world’s approval, because you approve of yourself.

No one even needs to know your intentions for the year. You can silently hold the commitment in your heart and know that energy follows intention. Like an arrow aimed at its target, you too will hit your mark!

Finish well friends, you deserve the life your heart has always longed for. Do your personal work so you can have the freedom of flight and not allow the unresolved past to sabotage your personal manifestation of the new year!