The gift of community

Today I was reflecting on the gifts of community. To me this may include friends, family, clients, or strangers. I’ve always loved people deeply. In fact, I can’t get enough of deep soulful conversations. My career offers me the most intimate relationships of all. This is a private gift where I hold the hearts of many, as well as many others hold my heart. This joint relationship unites us during challenging times in ways that many hope for in their moment of fear.

Due to the different types of relationships, I can’t always allow them to hold me, or even listen to my worries, but I know they love me. That’s all I need. I need to know I am loved, connected, and in deep relationship with those I love. Once we have this gift of connection it’s like an invisible web is formed and when the time arrives where you have to face one of your greatest fears, it magically appears.

I’ve learned from observing my son’s journey that he has been supported like a child being thrown to safety after being trapped in a burning building. Spirit orchestrated every last angel who showed up just at the right time, with words of encouragement, a meal, a donation, a prayer, a thought, a card, etc.

My boy knows how to show he loves others deeply. Have you done your community work of touching the lives of others that in return will give you the love and support when you are in a time of need? This isn’t conditional love. The one where you give to receive; it’s the personal work where you give all of you because it feels so good to love that you can’t withhold it any longer. Then and only then, will you feel the magic of spirit weaving your hearts together in just the right way.

Join me friends, love with everything you have. Spirit join our hearts in love for it connects us to you.