Jealousy and freedom

Jealousy and freedom… Who would have known! I don’t know if you were ever bullied or if you have felt judged by somebody before, but I think most of us have.

I was feeling a bit judgmental one day and I dropped inward to see what that was all about. My neck on the right side was killing me. I pushed on it and I asked what is the belief that I am holding onto that is causing me such suffering, (remember energy follows intention) “I felt frustration – and I heard they don’t know what they are doing” Now this was my voice but a bit aggressive. I knew right there I had a belief that had me trapped. (Ego yells and is aggressive rather than loving) I asked spirit why would I think this; I heard because you were hurt you became “in charge” of your life, anyone who judged you or hurt you doesn’t really love you (control issues = trapped fear). Now that was a little girl speaking and it seemed like a really logical solution to being wounded. “Keep meanies out!”

So I asked Spirit what is the higher meaning of all this and I heard – “The ones who judge you are the ones who really see you.” I was like “Say what?” Then it all started to make sense! You know when you would come home from school and your parents would say “Oh they are just jealous.” I always thought “But they are mean.” Something they said felt right and it felt wrong all at the same time… Anybody with me on this dilemma?

Okay so the second half which sure would have shifted my life and pulled me right out of victim mentality, but I would not be writing this if it had, so it’s perfect as it is… Okay back to the point – Jealousy means that you need to do integrate and become that aspect of yourself that you’re jealous of. So if you judge pretty girls, you withhold beauty from yourself. If you are jealous of the smart kids you aren’t using your full potential of your intellect.

Alright this is the really cool part! If you release the person you are jealous of, and do the hard work to fall in love with that aspect of yourself, (loving actions towards the self) you will be free from your longing!

How fantastic is that! Get to work people!!!!